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single click to open node
alvinau - 11/21/2003 at 04:10 PM

Is that possible to open node by just a single click?

rock - 12/1/2003 at 08:43 AM

Yes. You should call toggle function at item's onclick event.

Iolai - 7/7/2004 at 06:18 PM

Could you tell what files to change?

Iolai - 7/7/2004 at 06:20 PM

The file is of course tree.js.

The real question is how to add this onclick event.

rock - 7/8/2004 at 07:46 AM

Onclick event definition is already present (default action is select item). You should only modify it to call toggle method (use select call pattern);

Effrom - 8/28/2004 at 02:08 AM

im also looking to do this. however i know very little of what you refer to. would you mind being more specific as to what needs changed and what to change it to?

thanks in advance :)

tigra - 9/14/2004 at 06:38 PM

Event hanlder for this is given in Tigra Tree Menu PRO documentation. It should give some idea for those trying to achieve the same with free script.

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