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Tip Direction
timberlinegt - 4/24/2003 at 08:17 PM

Is there a way to change the direction that the tool tip drops down in? I.e. Stock setup makes it to the right, can you reverse it, and make it drop to the left?

nik - 4/25/2003 at 06:35 AM

Yes, it's possible. You should just choose appropriate values for 'top' and 'left' keys (configuration structure, by default variable HINTS_CFG, file hints_cfg.js). These values can be negative.

timberlinegt - 4/25/2003 at 03:42 PM

Ok, I do that, but all it does is move the image more to the left. What I mean is:

The tooltip I am using is the one that looks like a speech bubble. Right now, the tooltip pops up on the right side of the image. Is it possible to make this the reversal, so that it shows up on the left?

I tried to do it just with changing the top and left values, but for tooltips that have less text they show up far away from the mouse pointer, and in my opinion does not look good.

I'm not exactly a good programmer, but I am sure there must be something in the code that makes the tooltip drop to the right, so could you make a change that would make the tooltip drop to the right?

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