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Follow parameter not working as expected
purple - 6/11/2006 at 02:36 PM

My understanding of the "follow" parameter is that the hint should follow the mouse pointer as long as the pointer remains over the element.

But I can't seem to make this work, even with the hints demo page itself. If I copy the /tigra_hints/demo.html file locally, and in my local hints_cfg.js file set the following,

var HINTS_CFG = {
'top' : 5,
'left' : 5,
'css' : 'hintsClass',
'show_delay' : 500,
'hide_delay' : 0,
'wise' : true,
'follow' : true,
'z-index' : 0

I would expect the hint to follow the mouse, but it does not. Am I missing something here?


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