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Java is not my cup...
andrestjean - 3/22/2006 at 06:59 PM

Hope I got someones attention here lol because I need a little help...well maybe a lot! I know nothing about html or javescript but I really like what Tigra hints does and I would like to find out how it works. I would like to use it to give the definition of a word when the cursor goes over that word.

Could someone give me a code example of how I would go about doing this, it would be great if there is a good samaritan out there. I would be very grateful for the help.

Thanks and all the best!

I downloaded the file and guess what...I truly dont understand what it says!!!

nijojo - 6/3/2007 at 07:37 PM

Those examples are in the package you download. Just look at all the sample pages and find the one that does what you want and use that to learn how to do it.

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