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Non-transparent Hints Background
purk155 - 2/23/2005 at 04:21 PM

hints works fine in firefox but the top half of the popup has a white background in ie. a better explanation can be seen in the picture.

any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

tigra - 3/1/2005 at 07:46 PM

There is well known DHTML problem when windowed controls such as listboxes are visible through the absolutely positioned layers no matter what z-Index they have. Popular work around for this problem is using another windowed control (iframe) to make sure nothing is seen trough. That's what we do in Tigra Hints and that's what makes background not transparent in some browsers. If you don't have any conflicts with windowed controls on your page you can use attached version of the script which doesn't use iframes.

purk155 - 3/3/2005 at 12:53 PM

your fix worked perfectly. thanks for the prompt response.

tigra hints looks great on my site and has gone a long way to improving the user experience. i have, and will continue, to recommend softcomplex to all in the biz.

ps. tigra calendar is also brilliant. please continue the great work.


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