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Open hints with click stops working on 2nd click
malm - 10/25/2004 at 07:29 AM

I am using the hints probably not quite as what they are designed for but wonder if someone has an idea what's going wrong.

I open my hints when the user clicks a hyperlink. That is the code is like:

<a href="'...')">...

That works fine. Within the hint I have a close button <a href="JavaScript:myHint.hide()">... which when clicked works fine as well.

The problem occurs when the user clicks the hyperlink a second time while the hint is still open. The hint disappears. Clicking it again now and the hint just flashes up.

If I have multiple hyperlinks for different hints its fine. Click on A and the hint for A comes up. Click on B while the hint for A is still up and the hint for A disappears and the hint for B pops up.

But: Click on A for the first time and the hint for A pops up. Click on A again and the hint disappears. Click on A again and the hint just flashes up.

Any suggestions how this could be fixed?


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