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Questionmark hints
geurt - 1/8/2004 at 03:30 PM

I am trying for a few hours (!) now to get the hints function to work but i cant get it to work.

I want to use the tooltip function in XP style (from the bottom of the demo page) but they all need the question mark icon displayed on the left.

I am looking at the code from the hints_cfg.js file but i cant figger out where to put new code for the new tooltips (because they offcourse all have different tips).

So i want an

<li> Option 1
<li> Option 2
<li> Option 3

and they all need an different hint but i cant figger it out. Can anyone help?

The best would be to send me the code for a new hint_cfg.js file with only the code neccesary for the questionmark hints.

Thanks in advanced,

Frank op de Woerd
the netherlands

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