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Can't open Calendar!
Eric - 7/11/2003 at 12:03 PM

I have "installed" the PHP event calender as told in the readme. Installeld in the default "calendar/ cl_files" folder. I have change any parameters in the calender.php or global.php. by changing variable $calendar_dir_parth at files 'cl_files/calendar.php' and 'cl_files/admin/global.php'
seein the following :

$_path_to_calendar = 'vjs73/calendar/cl_files/';
$_path_to_calendar_img = 'vjs73/carlendar/cl_files/img/';
$_WEB_path_to_calendar_img = '';
$_path_to_data = 'vjs73/carlendar/cl_files/data/';

When I then move the index.php to root folder and type, the default "demopage" comes up, but no calenders is showing . Just the link to control panel

Thanks in advance


nik - 7/14/2003 at 07:44 AM

Your PHP code isn't recognised. You should check your server settings. Probably you need to change php files extension.

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