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Single quotes & apostrophes in Events causing problems
eventide - 4/30/2009 at 02:18 PM

I posted this same question in the other Calendar forum before reading the "BEFORE YOU POST!" warning - sorry... :)

In the events in my calendar I need to use single quotes from time to time, but, apparently due to the php parsing the text, all of the single quotes have the escape backslash added to it before it making it look pretty silly. It looks something like: "Mark's Page".

(I had to add another escape backslash to get the one backslash to render...)

Also, if I have a single quote in the text of a link <a href="mark.html">Mark's page</a> the link is broken when the page is rendered because the escape characters are added. For instance one of the links looks something like this:

Obviously, that link won't work!

I'm not sure if all of this is making sense, so you can see what's happening at " ". Go to the month of May, there's plenty of examples there...

How can I keep this from happening?


eventide - 4/30/2009 at 03:01 PM

I did some more hunting around and discovered more questions about this same issue, but they were asking about backslashes being added to "apostrophes"; I was searching for "single quotes".

The partial fix is found here: . Go to the sixth post down; posted by "lintguy".

It's a "partial fix" because, although it removes the slashes from text in the Events listings, it 1) doesn't fix how html links in event text is parsed (still adds "%22" to the url) and 2) doesn't fix the text showing backslashes before apostrophes in the calendar itself.

I did some hunting around in the calendar.php code, but I'm just not experienced enough to be able to hunt down and find what code would affect the text in the calendar.

So, at this point, it'd be really nice if someone could help me (and apparently others) out!


I would have thought that since this same issue has been posted about since AT LEAST EARLY 2006 - THREE YEARS AGO, as of this writing - that a fix would have been included in the distributed code by now. If the fix for the events text takes just two lines, then I'd imagine the fix for the calendar should be similarly easy.

Don't think I'm some freeloader who gets free stuff and then complains about how bad it is. After I downloaded and successfully installed and ran the calendar, I donated to SoftComplex because I saw that it was a great product and it saved me loads of time trying to figure out how to do it some other way. I went on to download and use two more SoftComplex products after that.

My point is, as I said above, it's been three years that this issue has been going on. This (and other issues I've since found - the installation, though there are NUMEROUS posts about that, is very flawed) should have been addressed by now - especially since the fix for this particular issue is simply altering a few lines of code...

eventide - 4/30/2009 at 07:53 PM

A little more progress: I finally got links in the Events listings to work properly - simply by removing the quotes in the link. i.e. instead of the CORRECT, COMPLIANT way of writing a link:

<a href="">Mark's Site</a>

I removed the double quotes:

<a href=>Mark's Site</a>

Yes, this works, but it's bad coding and this shouldn't have to be done if the Calendar code was fixed properly...

So at this point I've got the Events section looking and working like it should (with the exception of the double quotes fix I mentioned here). The Calendar itself, however, still shows backslashes before any apostrophes/single quotes.


eventide - 5/5/2009 at 01:59 PM

124 views as of this post and no one has any ideas?!?!

Or are there that many users like me who just aren't versed in PHP enough and need the help too? In which case it'd be nice if the SoftComplex people could offer some assistance...

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