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Bugs in 1.5.1
peet - 11/16/2008 at 10:22 PM


there are a few bugs in your cool script:

- germany is not listed in country time table
- country time is always set back to first entry in drop down list (Afghanistan, GMT +4,5), when new settings are/get saved
- german special characters (A?,A?,A?...) are not supported which is a bit complicated to use for us
- year arrow setting is always set back to "hide", when new settings are/get saved
- footers get not used by output script
- there is no css file corresponding to the calenders, so editing the classes is hard really
- it is not possible to move an event entry to another date
- formatting of text in body of event entry (line breaks) are not used in output, this makes longer information texts hard or even impossible to read
- spelling error in event entry form at "Cell sittings" ;-)
- there is no way to configure output date var $date, it is always the short version (Nov) or other var like $longdate (November)
- using timetable is making use of event entry form very difficult, is would be lot easier if a time could be set in a box, because the whole day hour listing is making the event entry site too long for overviewing, only entries should be listed with their corresponding time intead of the unneccessary and empty time table
- special character like " get masked automatically, but output script does display the masks as charakers too
- a search funktion for evententries would be a great feature

Anyway thanx a million by now for writing a great usable and customizable (and free) script!



peet - 11/24/2008 at 11:42 PM

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