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Absolute URL Help After Transplant of Calender from LocalHost to School
Wolf_22 - 7/16/2006 at 04:22 PM

Hi everyone...

I have installed a calendar on a local server. I have since "transplanted" this calendar over to my school's server space. My URL of such is this:

How can I reconfigure the calendar so that it will show up CORRECTLY onto my school's space??? I read the readme on the installation instructions, and the root to my webspace is this:


and the calendar has been moved into the directory "Test/test".

If anyone can help me out on this, it would be much appreciated. In return, I can help you with CSS problems...


chronister - 8/24/2006 at 08:06 PM

In calendar.php use the following for the $paths array:

"path_to_calendar" => "/home/c/cburk1/public_html/test/cl_files/",
"path_to_calendar_img" => "/home/c/cburk1/public_html/test/cl_files/img/",
"WEB_path_to_calendar_img" => "",
"path_to_data" => "/home/c/cburk1/public_html/test/cl_files/data/"

Your post was not real clear as to the Test or test folder, so since this is a linux box, you will have to ensure that the uppercase/lowercase thing is correct. I have assumed that it's lowercase.

HA, just noticed that this post is over a month probably got it figured out by now...if not hope this helps.

Wolf_22 - 8/25/2006 at 07:47 AM

Hey thanks. Yeah, I actually did figure it out for the most part, but I also discovered some other program(s) that worked better. Thanks for your reply though. It's very appreciated.

chronister - 8/26/2006 at 01:37 PM

Mind sharing which apps you found? I like this calendar, but its a little cumbersome to try to customize. I am pretty new to PHP, so most of the code is above my head. I am interested in alternatives to this due to its problems, and the fact that support is next to none.

Dunno if SC will appreciate this post, but ahhh, if they took care of their customers with better support then maybe we would not be having this conversation.

Wolf_22 - 8/27/2006 at 02:15 PM

Sure... Sorry too btw...

The programs I went with are "SMF", or Simple Machines Forums. If you're dependant on having SQLite, then you'll be SOL if you try to use SMF. However, if you have access to a mySQL database, then go with SMF. You not only get a killer forum package that is fully customizable down to the disclaimer, but you also get one hell of a calendar with it also. You can even delegate various forum posts into the calendar. SUPER useful.

If you're not familiar with PHP or CSS, I might be able to help you. What is it you're trying to do? If all you're wanting to do is have a calendar, then I highly advise getting the SMF forums. Just GOOGLE "SMF Forums", and you'll find it.

Let me know if you need any help. I can be found at "". I'll even post some sort of tutorial if you wish.

Best of luck!

chronister - 8/27/2006 at 08:11 PM

I am not really actively looking for a new calendar program, this one is working fine, but its a little challenging to make changes sometimes. I just figured if you found a better one, I might give it a try.

I am new to PHP, fairly familiar with CSS/HTML but I have found over 600MB/ 200 files of PHP info from P2P. I should be a feaking expert when I am done reading them LOL

Thanks for the offer, I will bookmark ur site and keep ya in mind for future reference.

Wolf_22 - 8/27/2006 at 08:34 PM

Sounds good. Keep messin' with it though... You'll get it running because I finally managed to get mine running. It's got a lot to do with all that dern "absolute addressing" that Unix servers are responsible for (from what I have been able to resolve).

Good luck.

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