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AFter Adding New User...
dhender02 - 5/2/2005 at 08:46 PM

I added a new user, which worked fine. But now I can't get in with the admin account, admin/demo.... I get the message, incorrect password.


Nolly - 5/8/2005 at 06:09 PM

If you view the file users.php (data folder/directory) in a text editor you will see something like this,

"user";s:6:"access";s:1:"1";}s:5:"admin";a:3: {s:3:"pwd";s:4:"demo";

note the user admin and the password (pwd) demo

Note also that if you are on a Windows platform, then it is better to use WordPad rather than Notepad.

Your file will no doubt look a little different as you now have two users. You should be able to see the 'new user' and the 'password' fo the 'new user'.

I would strongly advise that you do not edit this file just view it in an editor.


Nolly - 5/8/2005 at 06:57 PM

Having saved all the files to another folder so as I do not lose all the debugging I have already done, I decide to create a new user.

After that, I could not log into the admin account with password demo. I could log into the new user account. Here is the contents of my data/users.php file after creating a new user.

<?a:2:{s:2:"re";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:2:"re";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s:6:"access";s:1:"1";}s:6:"norman";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:5:"y1kes";s: 5:"group";s:4:"main";s:6:"access";s:1:"1";}}?>

The user name norman and the password (pwd) y1kes can clearly be seen. What is not so clear is the two occurences of re. I satisfied myself that this was the user name and password which was admin and demo respectively but had been corrupted by the 'create new user' code.

I tried to log in as user re with password re and it worked.

Then, I edited data/users.php to go back to the original user name and password. I have highlighted the necessary changes. Please note the numeric changes which give the size of the string that follows.

<?a:2:{s:5:"admin";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:4:"demo";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s :6:"access";s:1:"1";}s:6:"norman";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:5:"y1kes";s:5:"group";s:4:"main";s:6:"access";s:1:"1";}}?>

Note that is you make a mistake in editing this file then it is most likely that you will not be able to log in.


dhender02 - 5/9/2005 at 05:29 PM


Your solution wasn't exactly my solution, but your explanation of your solution was what drove me to my solution. Here it is just in case someone else's problem resembles mine.... Listed below is the users.php file after I added the new user:

<?a:3:{s:2:"re";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:2:"re";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s:6:"access";i:1;}s:5:"admin";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:4:"demo";s:5:"grou p";s:4:"main";s:6:"access";i:0;}s:3:"coa";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:6:"ca2585";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s:6:"access";i:1;}}?>

I didn't replace re/re with admin/demo because as you can see the next user defined is my admin/demo. After looking at the original users.php file I noticed that the "access" info for admin/demo was s:1:"1" . Therefore I changed i:0 to s:1:"1"... whoala it worked....

<?a:3:{s:2:"re";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:2:"re";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s:6:"access";i:1;}s:5:"admin";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:4:"demo";s:5:"grou p";s:4:"main";s:6:"access";s:1:"1";}s:3:"coa";a:3:{s:3:"pwd";s:6:"ca2585";s:5:"group";s:4:"user";s:6:"access";i:1;}}?>

I never would have figured this out, if it wasn't for your explanation of how you solved your problem... Again thanks. I would have used bold effects to help illustrate this, but I couldn't figure out how to turn on HTML..... :)

Nolly - 5/9/2005 at 07:09 PM


Good to see you have resolved your problem with a little help from me.

You do not need to use HTML to highlight text, you just need to use BB (Bulletin Board) code. Unfornately, this very good BB (Forum) software does not seem to give you any help with BB code. Here are a few to help you.

To make bold text, surround the text with an opening b tag and a closing /b tag. Tags are in square brackets unlike HTML which uses angled brackets. So, if I type [ followed by the letter b followed by ], then type some text and then do the same again with the square brackets but this time use /b, the text will show up as bold. For example, let's replace the b with an x which I do not believe has any significance in BB code.

[x]This is text to be shown in bold.[/x]

Now let me do the same thing but use the letter b and not x.

This is text to be shown in bold.

By the way, to test that the above worked as expected, I did a Preview Post and then went back to type this sentence. I also do this to check for typos.

You can italicise text by using the letter i in a tag as shown below.

This is text to be shown in italics.

You can combine the two tags in this way.

[x][y]This is text to be shown in bold.[/y][/x]

Notice the nesting of the tags. Let me try it with bold and italic.

This is text to be shown in bold and italic.

And finally, you can use the word quote within a tag to quote some text. For example,

This is quoted text.

If you click on the quote button against a thread it will copy the thread you are replying to and put the quote tags around it and automatically paste it into your reply.


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