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major calendar meltdown
johnnakhla - 4/4/2005 at 09:52 PM

I installed the PHP Event Calendar on our church's website. After using it successfully for a few months, I tried to delete the calendar that I believe was the default for the calendar script (demo_horizontal). I was actually only using demo_vertical as the active calendar for the website. I was trying to eliminate horizontal to try and get the script to stop loading horizontal first (I was adding events to the wrong calendar when rushed). Unfortunately, this resulted in me losing the ability to log in to the administrative page for the calendar all together. When I try and log in, I get the following error:

I then use the drop down box to select the "demo_vertical" calendar and find myself back at the initial log in page.

Help, please.

texasaggie - 4/5/2005 at 03:14 AM

Search in index.php (if I remember correctly) for "Demo_horizontal" and "Demo_vertical" and replace them with your calendar name. I think that will make yours the default.

Sounds like a good opportunity for an enhancement. Hope that helps.

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