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install of calendar program
haubach - 12/4/2004 at 10:23 PM


Here is the message I get:

Can not create any files in /web/calvinch/public_html/phpcalendar/cl_files/data/ directory. Please set 0 7 permission on /web/calvinch/public_html/phpcalendar/cl_files/data/ directory. Please check permission and try again.

I am not sure what 07 permissions are. What might be the problem or where to set this permission..


kvv - 12/16/2004 at 11:08 AM

The most probably it means 0777 permission.
Modify recursively directory access permissions so that the user under which PHP works could write to the directory cl_files/data/

BFG - 1/4/2005 at 01:24 PM

I had to create directory cl_files/data/

It was missing from the download. Once created and set as writable, the install page worked for me.

haubach - 1/5/2005 at 02:40 AM

I did also figure that after some study. Now however, I have placed all the files and configured the calendar, but I am unable to creat a working page of calendar and events as directed in the documentation.

I have other PHP programs operation, so i know its installed (and the proper vers.) but I still get code showing up on the html page instead of the calendar, etc.

Anyone have a similiar problem that solved it?


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