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Some help, please?
rhequiem - 8/10/2004 at 04:57 AM

Hello everyone! I just installed the calendar script, and everything went really well. I had to chmod a couple directories, but no biggie. What Im having a lot of difficulty with is getting the calendar to display properly on my website :( I've tried entering the php calls or whatnot exactly as they are entered on the support page, but no go. Ive also tried relative paths, and a few other things, but nothing has worked so far. I was wondering if one of you kind souls could give me some common sense / plain english answers/rules/suggestions on how to get the calendar to display on an html page?? Thanks so much!!


texasaggie - 8/15/2004 at 06:43 PM

I too had to chmod some directories but hat was about it. I took an HTML page where I had my old calendar, renamed it to .php and added the following bits:

*** added at the top of the file:

include 'cl_files/calendar.php';

*** added a side by side table add added this into a <div> within the first (left-hand) cell - pack_events is the name of my calendar I created:


*** the other cell:

<? show_event($CLd,$CLm,$CLy,pack_events);

That was about it.

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