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Change Colors of Days
NormB - 12/10/2003 at 11:15 PM

Big Hello!

Currently, the calendar displays all days in a color you want and the days with an event boldly. I want to have the days with an event in a different color and background. I've read thru the calendar.php and think it is propably in show_h / show_v or put_day function but finally didn't succeed ;-( I need to distinguish on first look very clearly between days with dates and w/o. Thanks a lot.

nik - 12/11/2003 at 03:51 PM

New product version 1.4 with this feature implemented has been released. Please download it from our site.

NormB - 12/11/2003 at 11:04 PM

Sorry, but on the webpage is still release 1.3. I even downloaded it, but it's still the 1.3.

Rad-T - 12/12/2003 at 07:43 AM

New version is on site. But i tried to use this new feauture and it doesn't work.

Just try this:

nik - 12/12/2003 at 03:00 PM

Obviously there have been some problems with cache. Please download it again.

NormB - 12/13/2003 at 12:19 AM

Finally succeeded to download 1.4 and installed it. But still I see no options for my problem.

I simply wanna have days with events red, and days without events green.

nik - 12/15/2003 at 08:38 AM

You can specify those settings in Calendars Config.

NormB - 12/16/2003 at 09:44 AM

Sorry to tell you, maybe I'm completely stupid, but there are no such triggers below the "calender config tab".

Under "color settings" you can choose on the right side the colors
- background title color
- background names of days color
- background color of current day
- background color of normal day
- background color of weekends
- background color of following days

Among the stylesheets there are settings

- Header (Title)
- Header2 (Names of Days)
- Current Day (CCur)
- Normal Day (Cbody)
- Weekend Day (Cwe)
- Following Days (Cbodyh)


Please tell me, where it should be.

nik - 12/16/2003 at 02:28 PM

Please send us URL and login password to your calendar control panel via email or in u2u message if it is possible.

nik - 12/18/2003 at 03:58 PM

You can specify those settings in PHP Event Calendar > Events Editor.

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