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Stuck after a successful install...
JetO - 12/4/2003 at 03:52 PM

I transferred the files, changed permissions, and ran install.php. Success!

Then I tried to run .../cal/index.php assuming that "index" is the default... nada - it took me back to the install page.

so I went down a directory to cal/cl_files/index.php and it takes me to a login form. So, I have two questions:

1) What is the php file to run the program? .../cal/cl_files/calendar.php give me a blank page

2) I can't find anything in the documentation about a login name and password for the administration of the calendar...


ps - do I need to change permissions back to prevent hackers from creaming my calendar directories?

JetO - 12/4/2003 at 04:24 PM

OK - I see that I hadn't manually deleted the three files the install told me to, so I did, and got the username and password for controlling the calendar...

So - I created a new calendar called clowns, and deleted the demo calendars. Still can't figire out the "link" (file to run) to get my calendar to run.

Also - seems like the permissions have to be set awfully loose to run this... what am I missing?


nik - 12/5/2003 at 10:39 AM

Please read Adding calendar code to your page section of product documentation ( ).

JetO - 12/5/2003 at 01:00 PM

I saw the "adding code" section and made a new .php page and put the code in... instead of looking like a script page, it looked like a bunch of code on a page.

So my question is, which page do I ad this code to? calendar.php? index.php? a new page?

I tried calendar.php and get the error

Parse error: parse error in /home/bektashc/public_html/cal/cl_files/calendar.php on line 14

I am afraid I need more detail than add the code to the beginning of the page... :(

Which page exactly, and where in the beginning? The VERY beginning? somewhere in with all the other path data?

Then I am afraid I'm in the same boat with the code below that... "Code inserting for events listing" et. al.

Where EXACTLY does that code go?

Thanks for your patience.


nik - 12/5/2003 at 02:15 PM

You should add those codes to the page you want your calendar to appear on.
You should insert the following code:

include 'path_to_calendar_dir_files/calendar.php';

in the beginning of the page, i.e. somewhere before calendar call:


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