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Graphic problems with NS4
Meerkat - 10/1/2003 at 06:35 AM

Hi all,
Just wondering if there's a way to fix an annoying little bug in NS4.75 (and maybe others). The problem occurs in vertical menus with graphic buttons such as the example on :

When you compare this page on IE6 or NS7 to NS4.75 you'll notice the submenus have larger gaps between each graphic.

There seems to be a minimum height for each element (of about 16 pixels) which on this example doesn't look too out of place but the menu I'm working on looks rather dodgy as I have some menu items around 12px and others at 23px......any suggestions?


nik - 10/1/2003 at 08:16 AM

Thank you for the bug reporting! It will be fixed ASAP.

Meerkat - 10/1/2003 at 08:19 AM

Me again.

Just in case anyone else has this problem I have a dodgy fix for this.

By altering the menu.lay.js file (since it seems to only affect NS4 in my testing so far) and changing the first occurance of <td> to something like :

<td style="font-size:8px;">

seems to reduce the minimum td cell height (and thus gets rid of the annoying vertical space) to something usable with small height graphics......


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