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Is there anyway to use 2 menus, but only on some pages?
leighb - 9/23/2003 at 07:39 PM

I need the main part of my site to only have my main menu, but I would like the shopping section to contain my main (horizontal) menu, as well as the shopping (vertical) menu. Is this possible?

Thank you,
Leigh Brown

nik - 9/24/2003 at 07:27 AM

It is possible to have several menus on one page.

leighb - 9/24/2003 at 07:30 PM

Right - I knew that, but I need 2 menus only on my shopping pages. On the rest of the pages I only need one menu. How do I need to configure things to do this?thanks,

nik - 9/25/2003 at 07:00 AM

On the pages where you need two menus you should make two menu calls and also link all required JS files.

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