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php/mysql dynamic menu items
Kelly - 7/27/2003 at 08:31 PM

I've installed the add-on for php/mysql dynamically generated menu items.

In the "build_hierarchy" function the code is using a setting {'st':1} which is not included in your documentation so I am not sure what this setting is supposed to be doing:

if($id == 0) echo "{'st':1}";
else echo "0";

Problem being, I get the error " 'undefined' is null or not an object" which I am not sure what this means + for root menu items without sub-menu items a blank sub-menu item drops down when you mouse over.

However, if I remove the above line I no longer get an error message, but the first menu item of each sub-menu now does not display.

Any ideas?


nik - 7/28/2003 at 07:02 AM

This happens because elements number isn't kept in item description. Please, read product documentation section Building menu hierarchy ( ). If you have submenu there should be three elements in item description. Besides, st key isn't supported in current product version.

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