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Adding Gold menu to a page
eagle5 - 7/1/2003 at 10:55 AM

With the Gold version it appears that to add a menu to a page you have to include the initialization block at the point in the page where you want the menu to be displayed. With the Pro version, you could position of the menu by setting the horizontal and vertical offsets from the top-left hand corner of the window and then calling the menu by including the initialization block at the foot of the page. Therefore, to upgrade to the Gold version, I will have to amend all the pages in my site which call the menu - approximately 1000 pages. Is there any way around this?

nik - 7/2/2003 at 07:21 AM

As you have noticed mentioned products have a bit different positioning mechanisms: Tigra Menu PRO is positioned absolutely and Tigra Menu GOLD - relatively. That's why there is no automatic instrument to upgrade PRO into GOLD. However, a lot of visual HTML editors allow to create pages templates where you can put menu and build a lot of pages with minimum of efforts. Such approach would save your time.

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