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Tigra Menu GOLD - SLOW
civon - 2/26/2009 at 07:27 AM

I've got a page that executes fine in Firefox and Chrome but IE7 is having a spit with it for some reason.

Its performing slower than the other two browsers, noticeably slower actually, a FLASH animation below the menu lags basically when i use the menu......

Anyone any suggestions?

I've set
'expd_delay' : 1, //200
'hide_delay' : 1, //200
both to 1 hoping it would not cause a delay to increase speed and that didn't seem to fix it but removing the fancy transition did help........

If you have any suggestions please forward them on. Should i put the menu inside a DIV maybe? Nah, didn't help :)

So, any suggestion would be much appreciated. I would show the website but cannot host it as yet.

Thanks in advance.

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