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Menu within a frame is giving errors and not rendering
sureshsolomon - 1/7/2009 at 03:42 PM

I get the following error.
top.TM1.TM01 is not a function

However, the code renders without issues on other pages.

Items array given below for reference..

PLEASE HELP, Its Emergency... :(

["Desktop", "javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_PM_DESKTOP');", null]
,["Enrollment", "javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_MEMBER_SEARCH');", null]
,["Front Desk", null, null, ["Check-In", "javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_FRONTDESK_CHECKIN');", null], ["Prospect Register","javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_PM_FRONTDESK_REGISTER');", null]]
,["Data Management", null, null, ["Member", "javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_MDM_FRAMESET');", null], ["Group", null, null],["Employee", null, null], ["Vendor", "javascript: submitMenuForm('VIEW_VDM_FRAMESET');", null], ["Prospect", "javascript:submitMenuForm('VIEW_PM_ALERTS');", null]]
,["Search", "javascript: submitMenuSearchForm('VIEW_MEMBER_SEARCH_PICKIT');", null]

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