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2 Menus using ASP!!
andyc1864 - 6/30/2008 at 05:16 PM


I have purchased the gold version and am trying to setup two menus on one webpage, using asp and includes. I have a header.asp file, with 1 menu, and a coursesmenu.asp for a vertical side menu.

Before trying the includes part, I have followed the multiple menus example and have successfully performed a series of tests. I have managed to get the two menus to work, when linking both of them in 1 html index page through the js files etc. I then spilt out each menu into its own asp file (header and coursemenu).

I create a index.asp page and include the header, which works fine. I then try the same process but this time only include the course menu, again which works fine.

However when I include both menus in the index asp, that is when the problkem starts. The minute I hover over any either of the two menuse i get a "line 8" error, with the message "' is null or not an object'.

Can anyone help with this?

Thanks in advance/


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