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upgrade from basic to gold
jd_boss_hogg - 12/13/2007 at 03:01 PM

I set my menu's up in the free basic menu, then realised that i needed the cross frames support, so upgraded.

When in the new builder, i loaded the configuration file from the basic menu package, which kept all of my settings and looked correct in preview. I then exported and saved all the stuff, just as i had done bfore.

My new menu doesn;t look good - fonts are not aligned as they should, and when i roll over a menu, it becomes about half the size of what it should be.

I've checked all the configurations, and can't see anything wrong. Could it be becuase i have loaded the basic config into the gold builder?

jd_boss_hogg - 12/13/2007 at 04:55 PM

update -

I've found that it is the GOLD menu that is interfering somewhere with my page. I went right the way back and started again - bulding the menu from scratch - and i still had the same problem. So, i then stripped everything back out and started with the basic menu - and that works fine.

I'd appreciate any help you can give, because i'm already 4 hours down today.

tigra - 2/6/2008 at 08:28 PM

All three versions use the same base templates. If you continue experiencing the issue then please submit a support ticket attaching your files and our technician will point to the source of the problem.

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