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Drop Down Menus only work when another link is clicked
rollcoaterbpd - 11/26/2007 at 07:17 PM

Working with an external customer, so I don't have access to their environment and/or system.

The user is reporting that the top menu displays but the drop downs won't until another link/url (i.e. Contact Us, etc.) is selected first. I have asked them to check their security settings for javascript. They said they are enabled. I have asked them to delete all items in their Temp Internet Folder and to check for virus and spyware. I haven't heard back yet.

They are running Win XP Pro SP2, IE6.

This issue is isolated to two of their workstations. Others in their company, as well as approx 400 other users (internal to my company and external customers) are working fine.

I have used Tigra Menu Gold in this application for approx 2-3 years without issues.

Any insight/advice/guidance is appreciated.


rollcoaterbpd - 11/26/2007 at 09:38 PM

User clarified that the top menu isn't displayed until a link/url on the page is clicked. It is then displayed, but the drop downs don't display. An image, with embedded javascript, also doesn't display properly. I'm sure it's a setting on the local machine or a possible virus/spyware, but
posting here just in case it's something else.


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