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Good attitude to your clients...
stefan_bgbgbg - 2/28/2003 at 11:05 PM

You've got good attitude to your clients. I like that. The truth sometimes hurts, but...

Xnuiem - 3/31/2003 at 07:21 PM

Please tell me you are kidding.

Horrible response times, and when you do post something, however true, that may be construed as a poor view of Softcomplex, they delete the post.

For commerical software, such as this, I expect prompt and through attention when reporting issues, not prideful moderators that delete posts/threads when someone voices a less than perfect review.

tigra - 4/1/2003 at 06:55 AM

If you have difficulties setting up commercial script of SoftComplex, please, take advantage of free setup support that offered with each license. Contact us at providing as much details as possible. Normally messages answered during few hours, a day as maximum.

This forum is for public communication betweed product users, we just answer questions that nobody else can. No responce time guaranteed.

Possible reasons for deleting the message:
- any kind of advertisement direct or indirect, links to the sites etc.
- inappropriate wording, abuse
- too specific question that is not of the possible interest for other readers

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