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Menu Builder - Preview & Export tabs don't work
Bewildered - 3/24/2007 at 10:37 PM

Using the menu builder, when I hit the Preview or Export tabs, nothing happens. I do not go to another tab, and the current tab remains highlighted. This is true even if I have done the previious steps.

What do I do about that?



tigra - 3/25/2007 at 05:12 AM

what browser do you use? do you receive any error messages. Usually the experience with the builder is quite smooth.

Bewildered - 3/25/2007 at 09:57 PM

I use IE 7.0.5730.11 (Cipher strength 128-bit) in Windows XP. There are no error messages. Like the other buttons, the Preview and Export buttons turn dark gray when I hover over them. But unlike the other buttons, nothing happens -- nothing at all -- when I click on them.

Okay, I've just discovered that both these functinos (Preview and Export) work in Firefox So the application is usable. But I'd like it to be usable in IE.

ACK! I was in the middle of copying the data to create the files in the Export function when I hit some wrong key in Foxfire, and the window suddenly changed -- I think it changed to the opening screen of the menu builder, but I'm not sure. Maybe I accidently refreshed the page. Anyway, my menu was no longer loaded. When I tried to load it, I got an error...

Can not load the menu data.

Interpreter reports:


-- And I'm loading the data from the SAME file I saved from IE, from which I loaded the menu into Foxfire in the first place.

Oh! That's not quite true. When I copy the data directly from the Save page of Menu Builder in IE to the Load page of Menu Builder in Foxfire -- which is what I actually did the first time -- it accepts the data. But when I copy the date from the Menu Builder in IE to a Notepad text file, and then copy it from there to the Load page of Menu Builder in Foxfire, it rejects the data. So the data is being changed -- broken -- simply by copying it into Notepad. I suspect that Notepad is creating a line break in a long line somewhere. I've known Notepad to break JavaScript that way before. But it's important to know that I can't use Notepad to create my data saves -- I'll have to use something like Dreamweaver that doesn't break long lines.

Well, as I created the files from Export in Foxfire, I noticed that the entire contents for the template.js file consisted of...

/* Tigra Menu template structure */
var MENU_TPL = undefined; I went to the Template page and reloaded the styles for the template.

Then the Export showed proper content for template.js.

Not only that, but I was able to get the Preview and Export pages to work also in IE. So now everything works.

I'm leaving this message in the forum, in the hope that it can be helpful to someone else.

No longer...


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