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How to create simple menu with the top items separated by white space
hobbes - 9/19/2006 at 06:07 PM

Tigra Gold *seems* pretty good but why can't I figure how to do this simple thing? I just want a basic menu that looks almost like the default except I don't want all the top menu items to butt up against one another. They should have 5 pixel spaces (call it a space, margin, whatever) in between them.

Is that not possible? Or if I would need to edit the script where should I start?

tigra - 9/19/2006 at 09:05 PM

increase value of 'left' parameter if the menu level is horizontal or 'top' if vertical. You can do that with the free version of the menu.

hobbes - 9/20/2006 at 03:06 PM

No I need to use the GOLD version so that I can place the menu in a specific spot (the free version only allows the pre-determined placement).

Also I looked in template.js for a cell-spacing property in the table parameter but could find nothing that matched that description. Here is my template.js file.

/* Tigra Menu template structure */
var MENU_TPL = [
'width': 100,
'height': 24,
'hide_delay': 200,
'expd_delay': 200,
'vertical': false,
'table': [0,1,0],
'css': {
'table': 'TM0t0',
'outer': 'TM0o0',
'inner': 'TM0i0'
'width': 120,
'block_left': 0,
'block_top': 25,
'vertical': true,
'css': {
'table': 'TM0t0',
'outer': ['TM1o0','TM1o1'],
'inner': 'TM1i0'

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