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links in the 1st menu level don't work
convex - 7/29/2006 at 02:06 PM

I have a menu with pictures (div's with background image).

My problem is that only the submenu links work.
All other links (root level) don't work.

thx for help.


here is the code:

var MENU_ITEMS = [
[[wrap('menu_2'), wrap('menu_2_mo'), wrap('menu_2')], 'content?contentID=index'],
[[wrap('menu_3'), wrap('menu_3_mo'), wrap('menu_3')], 'content?contentID=news'],
[[wrap('menu_4'), wrap('menu_4_mo'), wrap('menu_4')], 'content?contentID=about_me'],
[[wrap('menu_5'), wrap('menu_5_mo'), wrap('menu_5')], 'content?contentID=fotos'],
[[wrap('menu_6'), wrap('menu_6_mo'), wrap('menu_6')], 'content?contentID=work'],
[[wrap('menu_7'), wrap('menu_7_mo'), wrap('menu_7')], 'content?contentID=basketball', null,
[wrapDropDown('menu_7_dropdown1'), 'content?contentID=schiedsrichter'],
[wrapDropDown('menu_7_dropdown2'), 'content?contentID=fachreferent']
[[wrap('menu_8'), wrap('menu_8_mo'), wrap('menu_8')], 'guestbook'],
[[wrap('menu_9'), wrap('menu_9_mo'), wrap('menu_9')], 'content?contentID=links'],
[[wrap('menu_10'), wrap('menu_10_mo'), wrap('menu_10')], 'content?contentID=impressum'],

function wrap (className) {
return '<div class="mi ' + className + '" />'

function wrapDropDown (className) {
return '<div class="midd ' + className + '" />'

tigra - 7/29/2006 at 04:50 PM

submit a support ticket attaching the menu files needed to reproduce the problem. probably syntax error in the items.js file.

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