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Navigate with a visual handicap
degruijterp - 7/4/2006 at 08:07 AM


I develop a website for a pianist / singer who is blind. He uses a program that actually reads the screen and tells him what is there. By pressing Enter and using the arrow-keys and the TAB-key, he navigates through screens.

When using a one-layer menu in Tigra (Gold), the menu's are selectable by pressing enter. However, recently we changed his website and now for two menu items, subitems appear.

The problem is that neither pressing Enter, using a TAB-key of an arror-key, causes the system to display the submenu.

Does anyone have any experience with implementing tigra with submenu's in websites for visually handicapped people?

Thx in advance,

Peter de Gruijter

(the website (in dutch) is at

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