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Frameset instructions clearification
EV1 - 3/20/2006 at 09:35 PM

From tech support on my frame overlapping problem:

First there was the problem in the frames configuration structure. Correct configuration is:

var frameset = [
['contents', 'main']

I think the supplied instructions concerning frameset configurations needs clearified:

Currently Under the "Page with frames" configuration instructions, this statement reads:

"...containing line-by-line column-by-column frames' names."

This statement leads me to believe I could assign any name I want; which I see isna??t the case. I think a lot of people are having frame overlapping problems because of this statement.

I think the statement should read something like this:

"...containing line-by-line column-by-column the names given by the frameset, i.e. "content", "banner", "main"."

Then us the figure with those names instead of A, B, C, D.


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