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Builder breakdowns & sub menu transition failures
monkey - 2/19/2006 at 02:36 AM

I bought Tigra Menu Gold yesterday, and I found it very confusing. The builder applet is extremely buggy - it makes changes to the wrong settings (root or sub level menu settings), the settings tables on the right hand side are occasionally empty so no changes can be made (error on page message), and occasionally it crashes completely. From reading through the forum, I see a new version of the builder for the Gold version is under development. Can you please advise when this is due for release, and confirm that it will have more than two basic templates available and be somewhat more robust?

I also find the code it generates difficult - I'm not a javascript programmer, but I can step my way through the code easily enough. The problem comes when I need to add something new - the documentation is helpful, but clearly aimed at experienced programmers, whereas the marketing material seems a little more optimistic where beginners are concerned. I should like to have an example of a fully populated template file, items file, and css file, in the form produced by the builder, so I can continue to edit the files produced by the existing version. Do you have those available? After searching through the examples available, I realise that it is absolutely not possible to produce similar results without writing my own code. This is disappointing and brings me back to the lack of a decent builder.

Anyway, I also found an issue with transitions. I have tried several transition types, and I found that the submenu collapse transition doesn't seem to work properly. If you move from one root menu item to another, the submenus disappear and do not play the transition. If I move my mouse pointer off the menu altogether, the transition plays as it should. I set the hide delay to 200 and the expand delay to 2000 to make sure the submenus were having time to make their transitions - and this revealed another problem. The collapse transition still doesn't work, but now also it's apparent that the submenu that should collapse after 200 (milliseconds?) doesn't, it waits until the submenu from the second root menu item is drawn before the first collapses (again, just disappears without transition), which is configured here to take ten times longer.

I then switched the timings, so that the collapse comes after 2000, the hide for just 200. As I move my mouse across the root menu items, I would expect to see the submenus drawing themselves as I move over them, then waiting a few moments before disappearing - and it should be possible for several submenus to be visible at the same time will the collapse of the submenus catches up. I found that in fact, it is impossible for multiple sub menus at the same level to be visible simultaneously - is this why the transitions simply fail to operate? Even if I move off the submenu and the transition begins to play, then I hover over another root menu item, the new submenu is displayed and the collapse transition that had started to play on the first submenu stops part way through. These problems don't appear on the Milonic examples I've seen.

tigra - 2/19/2006 at 05:01 PM

1. builder stability: there are few minor know issues with the builder that we plan to fix but nothing serious like you described. If you know of the way to reproduce the problem let us know we'll surely check that out.

2. builder features: the builder allows you to create any menus with text items. All the parameters are configurable via the user interface. You can insert the graphics into the the menu items via the builder but we recommend manual configuration if you go for advanced features. Please submit a support ticket if you have any questions while configuring the menu.

3. transition effects: The way menu handles expands and collapses is the way we designed it. First of all the menu should be easy to use so when you move the mouse from one item to another the collapse transition is canceled to allow clear expand transition. This prevents from two transition effects running at the same time. Otherwise two submenus would be partially visible, possibly overlapping and most likely unusable. Note that transition effects timing is not affected by expd_delay or hide_delay. The effect will start after the specified delay, not during it.

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