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oh & oo event handlers
ppohler - 6/17/2004 at 04:53 PM

Hello, I have a question regarding the 'oh' & 'oo' event handlers in Tigra Menu Gold 2.5. I'm trying to build a menu system that on a rollover changes the image on the page. To do this however I have to pass the image path as a parameter to my function (the image path is generated off of a database query). Here is an example of the menu item I'm creating.

[wrap_prodhtml("HERITAGE SERIES", "", "True"), "javascript:findCategory('0110H');", {'sb' : 'Heritage series window', 'oh' : SwapMultiCategoryImg("heritageseries.jpg","","HERITAGE SERIES"), 'oo' : ResetMultiCategoryImg}

First question, do the event handlers support javascript functions with parameters? The only example I've seen of 'oh' & 'oo' being used was on the Effects demo, and the event handler functions did not pass parameters (an array was to swap the icon images, which will not work for my implimentation).

The second question is something I've noticed when I've tried to implement the 'oh' & 'oo' event handler. When the menu loads it appears as if the 'oh' handler of the last menu item built in the array gets fired. When I mouse over the other menu items their events do not fire. Have you guys seen this behaviour?

If you need some code samples I'll be happy to put together a short demo package. Thanks for your help!

rock - 6/18/2004 at 06:30 PM

Your Tigra Menu GOLD example has been deleted from the thread for it's a commercial product. We'll investigate the issue and let you know the results.

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