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Slow start
neillking - 2/24/2004 at 05:43 PM

We're working on Tigra Menu Gold 2.5 in a FrontPage site.

The multi-level menu works but is very hesitant to expand and fill out on first load / mouse-over; and also when re-loading after a page has been viewed. This isn't the same delay as the expd=millisecs command which works as expected.

During the hesitation the menu boxes display a part icon that looks as if it might be the one used in a picture placeholder, this happens in all cells even when there is no graphic to be shown (the only graphics are tiny arrow gifs).

This happens on your TMG demo page too so may be related to local PC issues (mine is a P4 Win2K) - but I've looked on several other fairly normal networked Windows PCs and have seen the effect there too. A friend says his Win98 doesn't show the effect so maybe it is a Win2K problem??

I haven't been able to get any idea of what influences this from the documentation - can anyone help with a fix or some ideas on what causes this?


neillking - 2/27/2004 at 09:33 AM

A follow up for info. I half answered my own question when saying that the slow opening menu seemed to carry the missing picture icon. I now know that this is caused by having the "show image download placeholders" option turned on in the local browser. The simple solution is to turn this off (default) but this does of course have other effects too - and some people do prefer to have this set on to see the layout as intended even if the pictures are missing or slow to load. Not all Tigra-type menus seem to do this so I wonder what it is about Tigra that causes the problem?

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