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Can the online builder work for the GOLD?
caymannice - 1/17/2004 at 05:58 PM

Is there a way to utilize the online menu builder for the GOLD?


RM - 1/19/2004 at 03:06 PM

Tigra Menu Online Builder can't be used for Tigra Menu Gold.

caymannice - 1/20/2004 at 02:11 AM

I found that I could use the builder to format the item list for me more or less. It too very little configuration to get the item list to work. This is how I found to do it. Built the list online, then downloaded the items.js file then looked at both of them. Seems that the only real differences is that the beginnings are different, so I cut and pasted everything from behind the begining script and with a couple of null's and ,commas it works fine now.

It saves a ton of time this way. but I still cant understand how the free copy is so user friendly and my paid copy demands so much more from a novice.


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