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lowering one item in level
gilowyn - 1/16/2004 at 11:06 AM

very easy question:

the last item within one level needs to be placed lower - in this case it's "NIEUWS"... how, where, when?

/* --- menu items --- */
var MENU_ITEMS0 = [
['Duitsland', null, null,
['Berlijn', 'cr_berlijn.shtm']
['Engeland', null, null,
['Noord-Engeland', 'cr_noordengeland.shtm']
['Spanje', null, null,
['Castilie', 'cr_castilie.shtm'],
['Mallorca & Menorca', 'cr_balearen.shtm']
['Portugal', null, null,
['Lissabon', 'cr_lissabon.shtm']
['Italie', null, null,
['Genua', 'cr_genua.shtm'],
['Florence & N-Toscane', 'cr_florence.shtm'],
['Umbrie & Z-Toscane', 'cr_umbrie.shtm'],
['Villa?s en tuinen', 'cr_villas.shtm'],
['Roma Aeterna', 'cr_roma.shtm'],
['De Golf van Napels', 'cr_golf.shtm'],
['Sicilie', 'cr_sicilie.shtm']
['Griekenland', null, null,
['Peloponnesos', 'cr_peloponnesos.shtm'],
['Byz. paasfeest', 'cr_byzantin.shtm'],
['Kreta & Santorini', 'cr_kreta.shtm']
['Turkije', null, null,
['Turkije', 'cr_turkije.shtm']
['Tunesie', null, null,
['Carthago & omgeving', 'cr_carthago.shtm']
['Egypte', null, null,
['Egypte', 'cr_egypte.shtm']
['NIEUWS', null, null,
['Nieuws cult. reizen', 'cr_nieuws.shtm']

RM - 1/16/2004 at 01:53 PM

You should use a wrapping function for desired menu elements.

Wrappers are JavaScript function that you may write to ease menu maintenance and to reduce network usage.
These functions print html around the text specified before inserting it into menu.
With wrappers, your code may look like:

function wrap (text, color) {
return '<span style="color: ' + color + ';">' + text + '</span>';
var MENU_ITEMS = [
// level 0 item 0
[[wrap('State is mout', 'green'),
wrap('State is mover', 'orange'),
wrap('State is mdown', 'red')
], "javascript:alert('Click!')"],
// level 0 item 1
['Contact', "contact us at"],

More detailed information is located at

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