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PROBLEM menu expands behind frames scrollbars
caymannice - 1/15/2004 at 05:15 AM


Does anyone know the secret to having the menus display upon expansion in front of the other frames scrollbars???

Please help me if you know the answer.


until then I'll grab a cold one!hehehe

RM - 1/15/2004 at 10:11 AM

It is impossible in the current version of the product.
Because a menu can't recognize a difference between a window border that should not be crossed and a frame border that should be.

Richard Wagner - 2/2/2004 at 12:43 AM

The docs Feature Set staates:
Supports frames with border overlapping. Any frameset layout will do (UPDATED)
Anyone know how to make this work?


Richard Wagner - 2/2/2004 at 06:09 AM

Also, my left frame (master) has gone from NoScroll to Hoizontal Scroll. How do I prevent this?



Richard Wagner - 2/5/2004 at 12:12 AM

OK, I pay $50 for the Gold, expecting some product support, and my e-mail to support goes unanswered, as do posts to this BBS. I can't make the product work as advertised. What's up? So far, I'm very dissatisfied. :-(

tigra - 2/14/2004 at 07:16 AM

Commerical customers,
don't forget about free setup support that we promised. Just contact us directly, don't wait for answers in the forum.

Richard Wagner - 2/14/2004 at 04:20 PM

Don't forget? I haven't! I've sent *multiple* detailed requests for assistance to SoftComplex, and not one of them has received a response. (The e-mail to support[at]softcomplex[dot]com has not bounced, either.) The same goes with posts to the BBS, with the exception of your last response here, which makes no effort to answer the questions I asked. I feel it is FRAUD for you to advertise a "commercial" product, with support included, and then not deliver.

Richard Wagner - 2/14/2004 at 04:39 PM

I'll try again:


I purchased Menu Gold (and Scroller PRO). (Order ID: xxxxxxx)

I'm having trouble with Frames, and the docs are less-than-clear. The demos also do not help me address the problem.

I can send a skeleton frameset and html pages if that is helpful. Sometimes easier thana description.

The Setup:
My basic frameset is a left thin vertical frame, and two right nested frames
|??A ???|------------------------------------|

The are named as (A) CPanelFrame and (B) Mainframe.Title and (C) MainFrame.main

The initial page, index.html, loads as:
<FRAME SRC="WNP/Sets/Home/FrameSet.html" NAME="MainFrame" SCROLLING=YES>

Frameset.html loads as:
<FRAME SRC="Main.html" NAME="Main">

All of this works fine, as is part of my current site.

The Problem:
I need to have the menus in CPanelFrame (frame A) overlap into Frame C (Main.html, and all the others that eventually land there).
Right now, the menus appear behind Frame C, and Frame A has developed horizontal scrollbars.

I'm not sure what I have to put in:
1) CpanelFrame.html - the doc that gets loaded once and seldom updates.
2) TitleBar.html - which should have no interaction at all with the menus.
3) Main.html - the initial page that loads into Frame C
4) Other pages that load into Frame C
5) Anything into FrameSet.html, the parent of frames B and C?

I've come up with the following, based on the example Frames:
<script language="JavaScript">
var frameset = [
['CPanelFrame', 'MainFrame.Titlebar'],
['CPanelFrame', 'MainFrame.Main']
new menu (MENU_ITEMS0, MENU_POS0, {'frames' : [['CPanelFrame']], 'key' : 'myMenuGold'});

Any help appreciated and needed.

Unfortunately, I can't change the formatting of this post to display the frames correctly.

tigra - 2/15/2004 at 11:44 PM

We've received none of your requests because we experience temporary problems with our mail server. We've posted the note about that at the support page. Alternative email address is provided there. Please, resend your original request.

Richard Wagner - 2/16/2004 at 12:50 AM

The basic question is right above. Perhaps you could just answer it instead of sending me off somewhere else...

You need to fix your "mail server." It is impossible to know whether you've received mail, or are just ignoring it. But, does it really matter what channel you receive a request for support from? I'm more than disgusted. I'm peaved. You're basically stealing from people - advertising one thing, and selling something else. VISA and others need to hear about your "business practices." It's fraud, plain and simple.

tigra - 2/16/2004 at 06:10 AM

We're trying to keep the forum clean from requests like this. It is about very particular configuration and we'll need your files in order to help you.

We're in process of transferring whole site to more reliable hosting operator and this takes some time. Our alternative e-mail address is working fine and if received we'll process your request ASAP. We're very sorry about inconveniences but this is the real life and 'different things' happen.

If you feel you're frauded just contact us and request refund, you'll get 100% of your 'sotlen' money back. If forum is the only way you can contact us then please use u2u feature.

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