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Tigra gold 2.5 frameset
hdqui - 12/16/2003 at 05:41 AM

I have 2 frames: top & bottom.

html from the top have:

var frameset = [

new menu (MENU_ITEMS0, MENU_POS0, {'frames' : frameset});
on every other document I have:
new menu (MENU_ITEMS0, MENU_POS0);
item.js file:
['Option 1', 'page1.htm', {'tw':'fmain'}],
with this configuration I would like the pop-down menu is on the top, and the data will be on the 'fmain' frame.
it seems good on my local machine, but when i uploaded into my web server the pop-down menu appeared in the botton frame instead of top frame.

Many thanks for your help!!!


RM - 1/15/2004 at 10:29 AM

Support team has not heard of the problem before.
Please contact us at and specify the URL with the problem.

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