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Bugs in pause/play/next/previous images
itlogic - 11/28/2008 at 02:38 AM

I just purchased a license and have been playing around with using it. I'm loving it except for one little detail... well, actually 2.

1) I fixed this one myself. It seems in the scroll.dom.js file an alt tag got overlooked. When you hover over the pause image, the tool top said something like tsp04 scroll. I changed the associated alt tag in that file to say Pause Scroll. The tool tip says the correct thing now.

2) In the scroll.tpl?.js file, I defined my buttons in the Tscr_LOOK section as specified in the documents. But, if I define a source file and/or roll over image file for the button, I don't get an image for that definition. All I get is the broken image box when I browse the page.

On the other hand, if I completely omit both source and roll over image file definitions, I get the image from the directory automatically. However, the rollover doesn't work. Either it doesn't work or it is using the same image, pau.gif for instance, for both the source and roll over image.

I have some ideas on where to possibly fix that, but I don't want to end up breaking the code in my attempt to fix it.


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