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Talon - 7/27/2004 at 07:05 PM

I am using the tigra scroller pro so my viewers only have to load up pics and graphics once on my home page. Then all of the text content and other content scrolls.

My first question is how do you suggest making meta tags for a site built around the scroller? I dont want my content pages in s0_data to be indexed, because if people went straight to that page it would look bland.

My second question is about hyperlinks. Lets say I want to put a link in an email to one of my content pages. I could leave a link to my index page, but then they would have to let the scroller scroll to that page, or they would have to click the hyperlink on the index page. Is there anyway they can go straight to my index page, but with a particuliar content page already loaded up?

I am truly sorry if I have not explained myself correctly, I am still fairly new to all this web stuff.

Thank you in advance

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