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content with position:absolute
Howard - 11/23/2003 at 12:37 AM

my external content file contains this:
<div...position:absolute...>sometext</div>. (abbreviated code of course.) The intention is to put "sometext" layered on top of each picture, and have the scroller scroll the whole thing up continuously. When I do that, the pictures would scroll up a little, and then pop right back to the set position. If I use position:relative, the scrolling would work fine, but a white gap of the height of "sometext" would appear after each picture! I've tried to manipulate the "top" of each picture so that it will move UP a little to cover the gap -- well, that worked except for the LAST item in the list, which would be followed by an even LARGER white gap, before the next content item in the scroller.

Now, I heard from the dev that Scroller Pro uses absolute positioning to move the content, and perhaps that's why absolute positioning doesn't work for its contents. My questions are:
1) Will there be any future version of Scroller Pro that's going to allow absolute positioning to exist in the content?
2) Is there a work-around to implement my intention?

thanx in advance

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