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MouseOver - A simple thing?
Sneeze - 4/1/2003 at 07:49 AM

Hi there,
THANK YOU for this great script AND you support!

My question...
It is possible to get an Mousehand over the buttons on the"News on demand" function?
I think for usability it shoult be more easy for Users to "understand" this function:-)

Thanx for info


nik - 4/1/2003 at 08:23 AM

You should just add a line of

cursor: hand;

to style classes for arrows (ArrowUp and ArrowDn)

Sneeze - 4/1/2003 at 09:22 AM

Thank you nik!
simple n quick :o)

snd. question...?
Is it possible to get the "news on demand function" klickable for each news?


nik - 4/2/2003 at 10:09 AM

Yes, it's possible. Do you have difficulties implementing that?

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