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Problem Editing Content Files
Dutch - 1/19/2009 at 09:55 PM

I recently found your Tigra Scroller product and was happy to discover it has about all the features I needed! However, I had a tough time getting it to work at first - I was using 1st Page 2000 to edit the content files and learned that if I saved a content file with this editor, Scroller would not use the file!

For example, I would open cont1.html, then simply save it with no changes. Scroller would ignore it completely. I also noticed that, even without any changes, the byte count was increased by a few bytes.

I finally tried using WordPad to make changes, and that worked.

I've been using 1st Page 2000 for over 6 years to maintain my website, mostly PHP scripts. The editor has always done a great job ... until now. Any clues as to what's happening and why an otherwise perfect script editor can't be used with Scroller??

Thanks for any advice.


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