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Cant figure this out!!! SOS!!!
jeff - 6/27/2006 at 08:54 AM

I copied the ts_ and s0_ folders to my web folder. Inserted the code in a table and have tinkered with it for two days now, can't figure out what I am doing wrong. here is what I have.

<table width="100%" height="75%" border="1">
<td width="75%">&nbsp;</td>
<td width="25%"><p><script language="javascript" src="ts_files/scroll.js"></script><br>
<script language="JavaScript" Tscroll_init (0)></script>

tigra - 6/27/2006 at 10:51 AM

make sure to enable javascript errors reporting in your browser and check what you've got there.

jeff - 6/27/2006 at 12:27 PM

Line 2
Char 1
Error Invalid Character
Code 0
URL ......

tigra - 6/28/2006 at 11:35 AM

start over again with the working sample and change the settings one by one checking if the problem arises. If you get the error message you know that the last step was not right. Alternatively you can start from your existing setup that generates the error and move towards working sample rolling back the changes. That's what we do when asked to debug the problem which isn't' obvious.

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