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mouseover not working
dljeff - 7/10/2005 at 10:04 PM

my html file has a table with 2 columns. I have the scroller in the first column and the second column has an image defined to it

<img src="images/brides/DSCF0020.jpg" name="image_big" id="image_big" width="308" height="452">

then in my scroller I have multiple images scroller, and if one of the images is moused-over (or clicked) I want to change the image_big src above

<a href="javascript:;" onMouseOver="MM_swapImage('image_big','','../images/brides/DSCF0020.jpg',1)" onMouseOut="MM_swapImgRestore()"><img src="../images/brides/DSCF0020.jpg" width="175" height="200" border="0" alt=""></a>

I've tried multiple ways - even putting the image_big in with cont1.html file as well, but no luck either way.

How do I implement mouseover to change the original image_big?

rock - 7/11/2005 at 08:06 AM

You should consider when refering images in your hover functionality that scroller content is located in iframe.

elviscat - 12/2/2005 at 09:49 AM

and therefore what does this mean , when referrring to images?

Could you expand

rock - 12/6/2005 at 07:11 PM

You are referring to MM_swapImage function from iframe (scroller content is located in the iframe), so if the function is defined within your page try to call:

elviscat - 12/7/2005 at 01:36 PM


I have tried everything and it is still not working,

in the default.asp page at the top is:

<!-- hide from non JavaScript Browsers

Rollimage = new Array()

Rollimage[0]= new Image(78,16)
Rollimage[0].src = "images/buy_album_icon.gif"

Rollimage[1] = new Image(78,16)
Rollimage[1].src = "images/buy_album_icon_over.gif"

function SwapOut(){ = Rollimage[1].src;
return true;

function SwapBack(){ = Rollimage[0].src;
return true;

// - stop hiding -->

and the cont1.html page the loads at the rollover image:

<A HREF="" onmouseover="SwapOut()" onmouseout="SwapBack()"><IMG SRC="images/buy_album_icon.gif" NAME="buy" WIDTH=78 HEIGHT=16 BORDER=0></A>

I have tried putting the javascript in the cont page, doesn't work, I have tried as it is now, doesn;t work.

I have tried the MM function, doesn;t work, using parent.MM doesn't, m8 can you test this and see if you can actually get this working please.

This bollox is consting me a fortune



rock - 12/7/2005 at 03:07 PM

Try files from attachment.

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