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Can't View In I.E.
ve6tp - 5/15/2005 at 08:12 AM


I've caused myself a serious problem and can't find where I did it.

Everything was working as I wanted in both I.E. and Netscape. Then I started playing around with the coding, trying "auto scroll" and back to "on demand".

Suddenly, I can't get the scroller to work on both browsers.

On Netscape, it shows and works perfectly. But on I.E. all I get is the scroll buttons, but the screen doesn't show.

I've checked and checked all my coding and can't find where I may have caused this propblem.

Any suggestions on the code or at least which page I should be looking for??


rock - 5/16/2005 at 07:01 AM

Most likely you've left an extra coma sign in scroller's setting definition, IE browser throw error at definitions like:

var MY_VAR = {
'key1' : 'value1',
'key2' : 'value2',
'key3' : 3, //don't leave coma after the last key-value pair - this causes IE error, though NN works fine.

ve6tp - 5/16/2005 at 06:30 PM

Hi Rock:

Thank you very much for your reply to my posting for help.

I think you are probably right about that. It seems logical and I don't have much experience in scriptiing. Still chuggilng along in HTML, but tryiing to learn as I go along.

I had to get the script working as my client was anxious. So I just reinvented the wheel. I have it working OK now. The benifit of that is that I got more experience with building the Tigra Scroller. It is a nice program, for sure, and I'll be using it often. I appreciate it being given to us as freeware.

I will ask one more (dumb) question. I have used the scroller for a second display on the same web site and so both (0) and (1) are used. I assume that if a third scroller is to be used, I simply establish the same files but build folders for (3).

Thanks again Rock.


rock - 5/17/2005 at 07:12 AM

In the ts_files folder you should create numbered scroler's spesific files such as scrollN.css and scroll.tplN.js - where N -index of your scroller.

ve6tp - 5/17/2005 at 08:20 AM

OK Rock, thanks for the reminder.

Take care, I may need you again .... :-))


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