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Mac/Safari Solution
NathanHein - 11/19/2004 at 04:08 PM

For compatibility with Mac/Safari you need to add the folling line to the scroll.html:'hidden';

It needs to be added at the begining of the init() function. It should be around line 66 where it goes.

66. function init(n_2measure) {
68. var b_fl = true, e_frm, k = 0, i;
69. if (n_2measure != null)
70. items[n_2measure].height = vertical ? o_cont.offsetHeight : o_cont.offsetWidth;
71. for (i = n_num - 1; i >= 0; i--) if (!items.height) {

The credit for this fix goes to David Simmer, fivecentdesign[AT] . Thanks David!

fivecentdesign - 12/13/2004 at 03:24 PM

Glad it was useful to you as well. How'd you come across my fix?

bopp - 9/9/2005 at 10:28 PM

so then do you remove the'visible';

line further down in the function?

simmerdown - 11/17/2005 at 02:21 AM

Originally posted by bopp
so then do you remove the


line further down in the function?

Stays as it is. You can see a working example on the site where I developed the fix: view the source of

The relevant code won't be at line 66 anymore, but you'll find it. Hope you were able to figure it out ...

David (formerly known as "fivecentdesign")

simmerdown - 11/17/2005 at 02:22 AM

reflib - 1/31/2007 at 01:59 PM

My library purchased a web template created by a third party company. The template includes the Tigra scroller, which works wonderfully well -- except when viewed via a Mac/Safari browser. I inserted the code to repair this problem precisely as described in the messages above -- but it is still not visible via Safari. (The website can be viewed at

Have I done something wrong in the way I implemented the "fix"?

Note that the version of TS used in our website is 1.4. Is this version too old for the "fix" to work?

mccooch - 9/18/2009 at 05:30 PM

Is David still around for more Safari fixes?

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