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Joth - 8/3/2004 at 07:44 PM

Hi like the scroller, looks great on a PC but doesn't scroll on a Mac (OSx IE ver 5.2) has anyone else seen this problem or have I set it up incorrectly?

tigra - 8/4/2004 at 04:46 AM

Please check online demo. If you experience similar problem with it then report compatibility problem. If you don't experience any problems with demo then this is something with your configuration.

wrh - 8/22/2004 at 02:15 AM

Was this report of a possible compatibility problem resolved? I have experienced the same behavior. The scroller works fine with Internet Explorer both on my PC (version 6) and Mac (version 5.2.3), but doesn't scroll using Safari (version 1.2.3) on a Mac under OS X 10.3.5. I followed your suggestion to check your online demos using the same machine configurations with the same results - the scroller doesn't scroll in Auto mode using Safari on my Mac. When I move the cursor within the scroll box text appears, but doesn't scroll. Subsequent movement of the cursor in and out of the box have no affect. The non-Auto mode online demo works fine.


Joth - 8/22/2004 at 12:06 PM

I've done some more investigation and having tested on a Mac myself (rather than relying on info from someone else!) it works fine in IE but not on Safari, I get exactly the same results as wrh. Haven't reported this yet but looks like some work needs to be done to resolve this Safari problem.

laurag - 10/5/2004 at 04:51 PM

Has anyone found a resolution for this scroller not working in Safari? I know that Safari is not listed in the compatibility table for the Tigra scroller, but perhaps a user has found a resolution?

NathanHein - 11/19/2004 at 04:09 PM

Fix for Safari:

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