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Another PopUp problem
johnww - 6/29/2004 at 09:16 PM

This problem is similar to that posted just below "Pop up window function" but i'm having a bit more trouble.

I dont use frames either and am trying to use the 'content': '' function in the auto scroller .tlp0 combined with a window pop up function.

I have about 5 items i want to add to the scroller, each with its own individual link which opens a specific http://www.etc page in a new window (sized etc)


item 1 links to etc

(Although an absolute novice on javascript) i get the fact you make a function in the page that has the initiation script. then use the parent.functionname in the scroll.tpl0 file, 'content': ''.

i tried it and it didnt really work for me.

do i have to make a separate function for each different link eg 5 functions.

i know its pretty simple but could you walk me through it as i really have tried to do it on my own.



rock - 7/1/2004 at 06:39 AM

Find demo in the attachment.

johnww - 7/1/2004 at 11:18 AM

The demo doesnt appear to work. i think its missing a few files or something.

I see the script that youve put in the scroll files but im not sure what i should add there.

also going back to before do i need to do a different script for every different link in the scroller.

sorry to be a pain.

johnww - 7/1/2004 at 11:25 AM

sorry just copied it into the tigrascroller folder and it now works. but. how do i get a window of a certain size/ scrollers=yes / nav toolbar etc. to pop up. showing a certain page? and again do i need a different script for each different link. ill have a play around and see if i can figure it out.

rock - 7/2/2004 at 08:30 AM

To make the demo version independent I've removed Tigra Scroller core files (scroll.html, scroll.js, scroll.dflt.js), so to see the demo working you need to copy these files from your download package to ts_files folder of the demo.

Note: the demo only shows example of how to call functions from scroller content. All you need is properly define the function to match your particular needs.

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